Tuesday, October 10, 2006

George Washington Boy Scouts God and Country

I will
do my
to do
my Duty
to God
he words of the Boy Scout Oath, and in part derived from General George Washington who said,
"do my Duty to God and Country..."

This Boy Scout Benediction was prepared for the USS Enterprise Eagle Scout Recognition Dinner on the Monday after Resurrection 'Son-Day' in April in the Year of Our Lord Jesus 2004.

The sheets below are a "Boy Scout Biography" of the man Manship who portrays GW - George Washington, who earned Eagle Scout at age 13 by virtue of earning money to pay his way for five weeks each summer to Boy Scout Camp Bert Adams in Covington, Georgia, by shining shoes at a George Washington Quarter per pair!

As a Boy Scout at the Cathedral of Saint Philip on Peachtree Road in Atlanta, Georgia, young Manship also was a choir boy and an altar boy that led him to earn the God and Country Award the next year at age 14. (See www.PrayerWarrior.US for more on the penmanship prayers of 20 year old George Washington. Powerful, Profound, Passionate!)

It was also at this church that ten year old Jamey Manship met Ralph McGill, publisher of The Atlanta Constitution, a 1959 Pulitzer Prize winning editorial writer, and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1964, who instilled a love of God and Country when he encouraged the boy to read "this Constitution for the United States of America". (See now his www.ConstitutionCollege.US site.)

George Washington said about youth and this Constitution for the United States of America:
"A primary object...
should be the education of our youth
in the science of government.
In a republic,
what species of knowledge
can be equally important?
And what duty more pressing...
than communicating it to those
who are to be
the future guardians of
the liberties of the country?"

The Boy Scouts with the Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge, and their focus on patriotic service to this Nation much blessed by God, are serving well in the preparation "of the future guardians of the liberties of the country...".

Yet might it be wise to consider requiring as an essential part of the Boy Scout uniform, equal in importance to the Boy Scout pocket knife, a pocket Constitution for the United States of America?

And to consider that the "Do A Good Turn Daily" would be to read some portion of this Constitution for the United States of America to some other Citizen or resident of America, to recreate the "Revolution" of thought that gave birth to our Liberty!

McGill also mentored Jamey Manship in seventh grade (age 12) in his writing a term paper on the War Between The States (sometimes called "That Recent Unpleasantness", The War of Northern Aggression, or the all too apt, "Mr. Lincoln's War") that totalled 168 pages.

The Google Earth Map screen shot is for the Boy Scout Scoutmaster Round Table at Burnt Chimney, Virginia near Roanoke, Virginia where Scout Leader Dennis Woolwine invited "George Washington" to speak to the assembled Scouts. In Franklin County, you can the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.